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We provide a monetized video platform and lightning-quick player

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Get sports highlights and interviews straight from the biggest leagues

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We generate millions of dollars every year for our publishing partners

Highlights on Your Site in 30 Seconds

We make adding monetized sports video to your website as easy as copy + paste. There's no need to stress about licensing video rights, managing video player technology, negotiating with advertisers, or maintaining an ad tech stack - we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your audience.

SendtoNews video generates more user engagement than other video content

Automatically filter playlists by team, location, or sport

STN video players can be set to auto-generate playlists with the freshest content filtered by team, location, sport, and more. Search or filter our library with thousands of ready-to-use videos or use our AI-powered Smart Match player to automatically include the perfect video alongside your article when you publish.

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Turn your website into a money making machine

Not only is our video platform free to use, but you actually make money from the ad revenue generated. The STN player automatically builds playlists to keep your audience on your site and engaged longer, driving more impressions and more revenue. Just drop our player on your site and watch the money start rolling in.

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