Smart Match Case Study

Smart Match AI helped the New York Daily News see a lift in sports page views, unique viewers and time on page while increasing digital video revenue from STN by over 11X

STN has been the official sports video provider of the New York Daily News for over 5 years


The Daily News relies on STN to provide one of the most sports savvy audiences the top highlights from their favorite teams

The Problem: A Manual Process

While it takes less than one minute to manually embed STN Videos, human error was causing the Daily News to miss opportunities for in-article highlights and content

Watch the video to see how the Daily News would traditionally ingest STN content

The Solution: STN Smart Match

STN Smart Match uses industry leading AI to read a publishers article and instantly populate it with the most relevant video in our library. The Daily News was able to automate the code across all their sports articles, including hundreds of weekly third-party editorial such as their AP feed.

Results: Improved Revenue and User Engagement

A year over year increase in article video ad revenue from STN of 1107%

A year over year increase in article video ad impressions from STN of 2,995,082 (1764%)

A year over year 33% increase in sports page views

A year over year 36% increase in sports page unique viewers

A 44% year over year increase in sports section time on page

"STN Smart Match is the Daily News' first experience with artificial intelligence and the results have been fantastic. We know that every article is going to have relevant video that not only improves user experience, but provides a significant source of revenue as well."

- Andy Clayton - Sr. Content Editor, Digital Sports. New York Daily News

"The New York Daily News has one of the most active and savvy sports audiences in the country. We are thrilled that Smart Match helps them provide official video highlights and content from all of New York's great teams with the world class editorial the Daily News is known for."

- Matthew Watson - CEO, SendtoNews

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